Certified Digital Nutrition™

Certified Digital Nutrition

AeBeZe defines Digital Nutrition™ (DN) as any deliberate, positive, and productive channel, service, training regimen, or content type, designed to address or alleviate undesirable feelings or mood states.

Assets deemed worthy or deserving of a Digital Nutrition™ label do more than simply deliver pleasure. They can and should boost emotional resilience; combat cognitive drift; and maximize human health, potential, and happiness.

In our view, Digital Nutrition™ is proactive, and constitutes the underpinning of any approach to comprehensive wellness.

AeBeZe specializes in Digital Nutrition™ to address common stressors that trigger, aggravate, or negatively impact mood. We believe that better Digital Nutrition™ can progressively address, and in many cases prevent, habits that lead to problematic internet use and other, riskier or more problematic behavior.

Let us certify your content—ask how.