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Moodrise Mobile App

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What People Are Saying About Moodrise

“Digital health is not an oxymoron. What an awesome way to get daily doses of things that make a person feel better. Moodrise is long overdue!”


“Why did no one think of this before!? I was skeptical of the idea of ‘digital medicine’ at first, but Moodrise really works. Just a couple of taps and you are presented with a beautifully curated selection of treats to boost your mood, soften your anxiety, or even help you focus. Simple. Easy. Effective.”


“I am intrigued and a bit mystified by Moodrise. I do know that whenever I spend time with it I come away feeling refreshed, amused, stimulated, and often inspired. So it must be doing something right!”


“Super cool. It entertains me and might actually be good for me. Works better than meditation apps as it's more geared for creative minds and you can do it anywhere. Acts as a healthy alternative to the usual social apps that always seem unsatisfying. And makes me rethink how I scroll in general. Excited to see what new features come!”


“I'm not a big app user but Moodrise is one of the few apps I wouldn't be without. So great for a big hit of inspiration and serotonin. Cute animals galore, beautiful images of the natural world and top tips to get you out of a slump! Recommended.”